Acoo Browser is A Cool Browser

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The Acoo Browser is a full-featured Web browser based on the Internet Explorer engine. Along with the standard tabbed browser windows and configurable toolbars, Acoo Browser supports individual windows for each of your current websites. Drag them around on your screen in ways that tabbed browsing doesn't allow, and you can see what you need to see in each of your current windows. Various included junk filters help keep pop-up windows, ads, and ActiveX controls out of your way, making your browsing less cluttered and more secure.

For your inner nerd, the Acoo Browser allows you to view a page's source code complete with syntax highlighted markup. It includes a web page analyzer that helps you to analyzer the pieces of a selected page, including images and scripts.

You can group sites together so that you can open them all at once, which can be handy when you need to check the news, weather, and latest blog postings all at the same time. No more digging around first thing in the morning to find your "must read" sites before your coffee's had a chance to kick-in.

A built-in RSS reader means that you can browse your favorite feeds from inside your browser, without needing a separate newsreader app.

Acoo Browser is a Windows app and will run under Win98 or later and requires at least version 5 of IE.

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3 Responses to “Acoo Browser is A Cool Browser”

  1. ender says:

    i have used for several years now, and never felt the need to try any other add-on, or firefox.

  2. app103 says:

    This is a MDI browser, rather than tabs only.

    There are only 2 other browsers that I know of that have this feature/style: the traditional AOL browser (quite bloated and requires an account to use it) and Opera.

    If you have never used a MDI browser, you wouldn’t understand what it is like to use one and why those that love it don’t want to use anything else. There are ways of sorting & surfing that just don’t adapt well to a tabbed browser.

    If you are used to using an MDI browser (which is the case with almost all AOL users) it can be very difficult to change to a tabbed browser and get used to a different way of thinking. A browser like Acoo might be just the thing to get more people to cancel their AOL accounts.

  3. tasnuf says:

    cool and good

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