iGTD helps you get things done

screenshot of iGTD

So many tasks, so little time. If that sounds like your day–or your life–then you may need an organizer to help you prioritize and keep on track. iGTD may be the tool for you.

iGTD takes the getting things done methodology and runs with it. The thought is that if you have a bunch of tasks to complete, you'll never get anything done until you write them down. Once you're recorded them somewhere, you are now free to finish them, instead of wasting mental bandwidth on keeping track of them.

With the ability to organize and categorize your tasks by projects and contexts, you can focus on tasks that have common locations and resources, and bang them out more quickly than if you just run down a list of unrelated items. Along with creating new tasks manually, you can drag and drop web links or email messages into iGTD to create new tasks.

To speed things along, iGTD has great keyboard support, one of the places where Windows users generally have the advantage over Macintosh adherents.

iGTD is a Mac application and requires OS X 10.4 or better.

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