Free your text from its formatting with Free Text Mining Tool

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There is a wealth of text out there. PDFs, web pages, Word docs–it's everywhere. Along with the text itself comes all the formatting. Fonts, layout, illustrations, all that good stuff.

Sometimes you want all those bells and whistles, other times you want just the text and nothing else. It can be a real pain to copy and paste from those source documents, and then have to go back and delete the extras. Even worse, you may have to copy content to the clipboard, paste it into a text editor, and then copy and paste from there into the ultimate destination file. Too much work.

Free Text Mining Tool comes to the rescue here. Taking your formatted text file, it strips out the formatting but leaves its text-y goodness intact. Save it off to a new file, and you're golden.

Along with the supplied GUI, Free Text Mining Tool comes with the console tool "minetext", which you can run from the command prompt. Supply an input file name and an output file name, and this tool will take care of things automatically for you.

Free Text Mining Tool is a free Windows application. It requires the .NET 2.0 framework.

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3 Responses to “Free your text from its formatting with Free Text Mining Tool”

  1. Jesse says:

    Not to be rude but…why not just paste the text into notepad?

  2. app103 says:

    because with the command line tool it is possible to write a script to extract the text from pdf, doc, etc of an entire folder of files….without having to do anything more than running the script. No opening notepad, no opening each pdf file, no saving, no naming…all automatic.

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