Recuva helps bring your deleted files back from the Beyond

screenshot of Recuva

One of the arguably good features of Windows over *NIX systems is the fact that deleted files can often be un-deleted. We all know the trick about dragging files back out of the Recycle bin on the desktop, but what happens to files when you empty the Recycle or delete files from the command prompt, or worse yet, when system problems or malware lead to the deletion of files from your system?

When Windows deletes a file, it doesn't really delete it, it just marks the space the file occupied on the hard drive as available to use in the future. If you can grab that space before its contents have been overwritten, you can recover that file. Windows doesn't provide that functionality, but Recuva (as in "recover") does.

Point Recuva at your hard drive, or your MP3 player, or even the memory card from your digital camera, and you can look for specific deleted files, or just browse the medium and look at what has been marked for deletion. Grab the files you to bring back, and depending on whether their data has been overwritten by new files, you may indeed be able to bring back those deleted files. You success will depend on how long ago the files were deleted, and whether they have been overwritten, but Recuva will give you its best guess as to the prognosis of your recovery efforts, from Excellent (probably can get it back) down to Very Poor (hope you have backups).

Recuva runs under Windows and requires Win2k or later.

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