Counting up and counting down was never so easy before Online Stopwatch

screenshot of Online Stopwatch

Sometimes you just need to have a stopwatch or a timer. But do you always have one just sitting at your elbow, ready to jump into action? You do now, with Online Stopwatch.

Online Stopwatch is a slick little tool that does just those two things: it counts up from zero, acting as a stopwatch, and it counts down to zero, acting as a timer. Both tools allow you to count down or up for 99+ hours, so it's not likely that you'll fun out of room before you finish your time-related project–your tea probably won't need to steep, or your phone call probably won't last, that long.

Online Stopwatch is available as an online service, or you can download it onto your Windows or Macintosh system. When run online, it (obviously) uses your browser; when you run it locally, it need you to have Flash player installed on your system.

Download Online Stopwatch

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