MozBackup saves your profile data from Mozilla apps

screenshot of MozBackup

Whether we perform them regularly or not, we pretty much all agree that backups are a good thing. Why would you want to lose data if a simple backup would save your bacon? There are plenty of answers to that one too. It's too complicated. It takes too long. The list goes on.

What about the data you really care about? Your web browser and email client may be the two tools you use most often, and whose content you would most miss if it went away. If you use tools from the Mozilla family, MozBackup may be what you're looking for.

MozBackup is a specialized tool that backs up and restores the information that held in your profile under Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, and even Netscape ver.. 7. You can grab your bookmarks, email, contacts, extensions, and all that good stuff. It's taken you a long time to gather all that information, so it would be a shame to have to go find it all again.

MozBackup is a Windows app (sorry, no Linux or Mac version is available).

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