Growl keeps an eye on things and keeps you up to date

screenshot of Growl

Information overload. Everybody wants a piece of you, and that includes your computer. Things are happening and you want to know about them. But how can you find out what's up?

Growl is a notification system for OS X. Many popular applications are released with built-in Growl support, such as Thunderbird for email, the Firefox browser, and about a zillion others. When something interesting happens in these Growl-aware apps, you get a notice from Growl. That way you can focus on what you're really trying to get done, while Growl keeps an eye on the background stuff. And for apps that don't have this functionality built in to them, there are add-ons available, as well as the growlnotify command-line tool that allows you to incorporate Growl's notification functionality into your own scripts.

Growl is a Mac app, and requires OS X 10.3.9 or later.

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