Task switching was never so cool as with WinFlip

screenshot of WinFlip

How many apps do you typically run at one time? We're forever Alt + Tab-ing from one program to the next. It gets the job done, but it's not so exciting.

WinFlip adds an interesting dimension to task switching. Rather than just using Alt + Tab to move through your open windows, it displays all your currently open application windows in a 3-D stack on your desktop. To change to a different window, you can use your mouse or keyboard to choose the desired application window. You can configure the look to use large or small images for your windows, and its relatively small footprint means that you won't bog your system down for just the aesthetics.

WinFlip is a Windows app that runs under XP.

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One Response to “Task switching was never so cool as with WinFlip”

  1. Eddie B says:

    I had Yod’m before but it used too many resources. I like the small footprint.