Pamper your inner geek with GeekTool

screenshot of GeekTool

How big a geek are you? Do you live half of your life in Terminal? Do you eat log files for breakfast? Do you know by heart all the command line arguments for top? You may want to get familiar with GeekTool.

GeekTool allows you to superimpose text and images over your screen in a transparent window. This means that you can run your favorite system utilities in the background and get a heads-up display of their output. Rather than having to Command + Tab your way through all your open windows back to Terminal, you can see this data all the time. Since it's transparent, you can keep working, while satisfying your need to know what's going on. Along with the output from system utilities, you can display other content on your screen, including log files, reminders, and to do lists.

GeekTool is written for Macintosh systems and requires at least ver. 10.3 of OS X.

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