Tame your text files with NoteTab Light

screenshot of NoteTab Light

Notepad is one of the most essential tools a Windows user can have. It's also one of the weakest and most obnoxious. Is it any wonder there are so man Notepad replacements out there?

NoteTab Light is one such replacement. Like Notepad, it's a quick and dirty text editor. Sometimes you just need a plain old ASCII text document, with none of the formatting bells and whistles of a word processing doc. When editing HTML for web pages, for example, the last thing you need is to have to fight with embedded formatting stuff in your file. NoteTab Light allows you to open multiple files at one time, with a tabbed interface, so cut and paste actions between them is simple, something Notepad can't even dream of doing. In addition, you can automatically strip HTML markup out of your pages, making your editing easier. It supports large file sizes, so you aren't limited there. It has a cliptext feature, allowing you to easily add regularly-used text to your documents. It even supports macros, so you can take the tedium out of repetitive actions.

NoteTab Light will run under any 32-bit version of Windows, from the lowly Win95 up to the latest Vista release.

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