VirtuaWin lets you create separate workspaces on your Windows machine

screenshot of VirtuaWin

One of the best things that Linux and other UNIX-like systems have to offer is the notion of the "virtual desktop." Basically, you can save a desktop configuration, or "workspace", for each type of work that you do. If you work on web pages, you can create a desktop that has your browser, your HTML or text editor, and your FTP client on it, with each tool sitting in just the right location. When it comes time to pay the bills, you can have a desktop that has your accounting package and favorite spreadsheet tool sitting there,m without messing up the other set of tools. You get the idea–rather than just saving one desktop configuration, you can save several of them, helping you to get up to speed more quickly and work more efficiently.

VirtuaWin allows your 32-bit Windows system to mimic this behavior. It allows you to create up to nine separate workspaces, so you literally can have a different setup for each day of the week (it that makes sense), as well as two on Sunday. Pick your favorite apps that you generally use together, and give 'em their own workspace. You can still run them independently, but if you save ten minutes each time your go to edit a web page, that's that much time you have now to actually get work done.

VirtuaWin runs on Windows systems, from Win95 up through the latest and greatest.

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