CrossLoop is the painless remote access and control tool

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Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a system used to share your computer desktop with another remote machine. There are several free or paid solutions out there to enable this, but they are often complicated to set up, and may compromise the safety of your machine and your network.

CrossLoop is a simple, secure way to connect two machines and allow for remote control of one by the other. The possibilities are great here: in a tech support situation, for example, it may be easier to tweak the remote system yourself than to instruct its user to do the tweaking. In addition, there is also a "view only" mode, which can be used to look over the remote operator's shoulder without actually manipulating that machine–great for demonstrations.

Part of the simplicity and ease of use in CrossLoop comes in its ability to work without having to change any firewall settings, helping avoid the potential for compromising system security. No additional open ports means no additional opportunities for Internet-based mischief to be unleashed on your system.

Additional security comes from the fact that it is impossible to attach to an unattended machine: both the local and remote computers have to explicitly join a session. It is impossible to hijack the remote system, thereby making sure that all players agree to the session.

Unlike some other VNC tools, CrossLoop is a Windows-only application. It requires Win98 or better on both ends of the connection.

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