Be your own photo editor with JPEGCrops

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JPEGCrops is a tool that lets you crop images. This may not seem to be such a big deal, until you decide to print out some of the photos from your fancy digital camera. While most digital cameras produce images with a 4:3 aspect ratio, many common photo print sizes assume a 3:2 ratio. All of a sudden, your glorious jpeg doesn't fit on that Kodak paper. While you could squish the image and make it fit, you aren't going to be satisfied with the results. How about white bars on either side of the image? Kind of like watching a letterboxed movie on your home television. Maybe it's time to crop that image instead.

You can use all the high-powered tools like Photoshop to accomplish this, but at what cost? While it may not be exactly like swatting gnats with a bazooka, you get the idea. Sure, if you have to color correct an image and apply a bunch of filters and other effects, you might as well crop in the high-priced tool, but if all you really need is to crop the image so it fits, a tool like JPEGCrops can get you where you need to go much more quickly, and certainly at a much better price. With a bunch of preset sizes to choose from, it's easy to choose which sections of an image to crop, rather than just letting the kid working after school at the local drug store decide how your picture should be composed.

JPEGCrops is a Windows app.

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