Take your document security to the next level with AxCrypt

screenshot of AxCrypt

Can you ever be too secure? Everything's got a password. Hardware and software firewalls are everywhere. Systems log you out after inactivity. How about adding file encryption to your arsenal?

Encryption tools have always been complicated beasts that made it difficult to secure your files. Complicated setups and configurations make them impractical for many users. AxCrypt is an encryption tool that integrates with Windows Explorer, so encrypting files is as easy as right clicking and choosing to encrypt or decrypt the file. AxCrypt uses 128-bit encryption, so your private data really is private. Users can also encrypt to a self-decrypting .exe program file. This lets you send an encrypted file to another user who doesn't even have AxCrypt on their system. You can also rename your encrypted file, since some filenames say it all–LetterOfResignation.doc, for example. You don't want that one out floating around!

Along with the default encrypt and decrypt version of the application, there is a decrypt only version for folks who need to use but not create encrypted files.

AxCrypt runs on Windows systems, anywhere from Win98 up to at least WinXP or later.

Download AxCrypt

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