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No matter what great features Windows XP may have, there are certainly limitations as well. One of those is the fact that on shared systems–those systems where there is more than one user profile–there can only be one default web browser. That may be okay if everybody agrees on Internet Explorer, but it isn't always the case that one size fits all. With the huge number of other browsers out there, from Firefox and SeaMonkey to specialty browsers, it is not at all unlikely that there may be multiple users on a given machine who want to surf the web differently. That means that somebody is going to be unhappy, until now.

DefaultBrowser is a neat little tool that does one thing: it allows each user on a multiple-user machine to choose his or her own default web browser. Log in to your user account, choose your favorite browser, and you're good to go. On the off chance that your favorite doesn't work with DefaultBrowser, you can always "un-choose" it, so you'll then fall back to the system default.

And while we're on the topic of choice, the system-wide default described here applies to the default email client program as well. The publishers of DefaultBrowser also have another tool called DefaultEmail that allows you choose a separate email program for each user on a system.

DefaultBrowser runs only on Windows XP systems.

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  1. app says:

    This is great for XP but if you need something like this that will work with Win98/ME/2k you can try BrowserTraySwitch:

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