Project Draw makes you a designer for free

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Project Draw is an online vector drawing service provided by the folks at Autodesk. Rather than needing some big horsepower high-end workstation like you might need for AutoCAD, this online application will run on just about any system with a modern browser.

When you fire it up, you get a drawing grid to work with and several palettes of pre-fab drawing objects, including basic shapes, as well as shapes for flowcharts, network layouts, Windows and Mac UI widgets, furniture and electronics layouts, and more. You can use it to design your next network, or to rearrange the furniture in your living room.

Just drag shapes from the palettes onto the drawing grid, and resize them as needed. You can add color, lines, shadows, and text to your drawings. Sign up for a free account, and you can save and retrieve your drawings.

Project Draw works best with IE 6 or Firefox 1.5 or higher.

Download Project Draw

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  1. SL Engineering says:

    Since this was originally offered as a FDOTD way back in December 2007, Autodesk, the company responsible for Project Draw has changed its name twice. Although the Project Draw site still works as of today , Project Draw became Project Butterfly which in turn became what is now known as AutoCAD WS . As of today, Project Draw, Project Butterfly and AutoCAD WS remain free.

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