Caffeine is a cup of Joe for your computer

screenshot of Caffeine

We all know about caffeine: you use it, it keeps you awake. That's a good thing when you need the boost of your morning cup; it's a bad thing when you need to go to sleep early for that busy day tomorrow. As you might expect, an application named Caffeine just might have similar properties.

Caffeine is a tool for your Mac that keeps it from going to sleep. We've all got our energy saving settings dialed way up, but sometimes that can lead to nasty results. Giving a PowerPoint presentation in front of the Board of Directors is not a good time to have your machine decide to go to sleep. (If the Board members go to sleep during your presentation, that's a different problem.) Caffeine lets you keep your machine from going into sleep mode, but without your having to go in and mess with your energy settings. Sitting on the end of your Menu Bar, Caffeine's little icon just awaits your click to suspend the ability of your system to go to sleep, for for the screen to dim or screensavers to start up. Keep your machine awake for now, but then when you're done, click it again and your Mac can go back and grab forty winks.

Caffeine is distributed as a Universal Binary and will run on either x86 or PPC Macs; it requires OS X 10.4.

Download Caffeine

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