Find what you’re looking for with Windows Grep

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In the UNIX world, one of the most powerful tools is the command line utility "grep". Grep reads through text files, looking for a specified text string, and returns the lines where that string is found. If you need to find every file that includes the text string "widget" in a given directory, or even anywhere on your system, grep is the go-to tool to use.

Windows users can now harness the power of grep with the Windows Grep application. It includes all the power of the tried-and-true grep utility, but then it adds the ease of use of the Windows interface. With grep on UNIX you have to remember complicated sets of arguments to take advantage of the full power of grep. With Windows Grep you can choose to run it as either a beginner or an expert; beginner mode will prompt you for the parameters you need to enter to find what you're looking for. You and also format the results in the way that makes the most sense to you–include or exclude filenames, line numbers, and more. You can also replace your target text with new text, allowing you to make changes to multiple files simultaneously.

Windows Grep runs under Windows 98 and later.

Download Windows Grep

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  1. Mike says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Searched my old sc5 DOS spreadsheet files instantaneously (after setting the main directory).

    I assume I can continue to use it without registraton/payment?

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