It’s like spring cleaning for your hard drive, language-wise, with Youpi Optimizer

screenshot of Youpi Optimizer

How much wasted space do you think there might be on your hard drive? Music files you don't listen to any more? PDFs you downloaded, read, and forgot? The list goes on. Most of that stuff would be pretty easy to get rid of. A quick search with Spotlight will help you find all those. But what about some of the stuff that's tucked away in little corners that you don't know about?

Along with all the other bits and pieces of system administrivia are often support files for the applications you're running on your system. In Chinese. Or Danish. You get the idea. You may or may not use English as your main language, but you probably only really need one or two languages worth of support files out there. The rest of them are just taking up space. Maybe its time to reclaim that space with Youpi Optimizer.

Download the tool, point it at your hard drive, and start it up, and Youpi Optimizer will dig through all those obscure files to find the language-specific content and return a list of what's where, and give you the option of getting rid of it. You may be surprised how much of your hard drive may be full of content you'll never use. Once you get rid of it, you can clear up all that wasted space, so you can download more music files that you won't listen to by next week.

Youpi Optimizer is a Macintosh application and requires version 10.2 or later of OS X.

Download Youpi Optimizer

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