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Modern Windows systems–those that employ an NTFS file system–allow system administrators to exercise a great deal of control over which applications can be executed and which cannot. This ability is an obvious security safeguard, since users won't be able to run programs that aren't known to be safe on the system. Unfortunately, though, there are still devices out there that don't use the NTFS system: floppies, CD-ROM drives, as well as drives that may be available across your network.

Trust-No-Exe is a security tool that allows you to specify which applications are safe to run and which are not. By specifying locations (the Windows directory, Program Files) where applications can be run or even the names of which apps can or cannot be executed, administrators can greatly tighten down the security on the systems for which they bear responsibility. Trust-No-Exe recognizes all types of executable files, not only .exe program files, but even the older .com programs, as well as .dll files, screen savers, and all other type of executables. This means that your network won't become vulnerable to accidental (or intentional) compromises of security just because somebody tried to open that malware-carrying birthday card the received via email, or to losses of productivity because of new games being fun from CD-ROM drives.

Trust-No-Exe is a free Windows app that will run on systems that support the NTFS file system–NT, 2K, XP, etc.

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