Put an accountant on your desktop with Accounting Express 2008

screenshot of Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008

It's not every day that you get name-brand products for free, but today is that day. Microsoft has made a free version of their accounting package available for download as Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008. This is the real deal–it includes the core functionality of their Professional version, but without the $200 price tag.

Accounting Express 2008 will get you up and running quickly, taking care of the books for your small or home business. As you would expect, it integrates with Microsoft Office apps, so you don't have to re-enter data to write letters, project future earnings, or any of a hundred-and-one things you would use Office for. If you're willing to pay for them, add-ons are available for integrating other services with this tool–credit card transactions, eBay and PayPal transactions–but it's not a requirement.

With general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, and even online banking support, you'll save yourself tons of time, as well as no longer needing to tear you hair out at year end when you pull out the old cigar box full of receipts to do your taxes. There is even a resource center to help you out with common questions.

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 is a Windows app and requires Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Download Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008

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