The Sound of Music–and its notation as well–with Aquallegro

screenshot of Aquallegro

How's your grasp of music theory? Do you know an Allegro from a G-clef? Whether you're an an experienced musician or have problems playing a radio, Aquallegro can give you a hand with all things musical.

It includes a series of quizzes about the "stuff" of music, and with real-time feedback, you will know where you stand as you progress through them. In addition, there are detailed help files to make sure you're grasping key concepts.

The content runs the gamut from note names, intervals, and lengths, as well as chords, scales, and sight singing. With built-in administrative tools, Aquallegro can be customized by teachers to use as part of their music programs.

While there's no guarantee that you'll be playing in the Philharmonic anytime soon, Aquallegro can help you can gain a greater appreciation for all things musical.

Aquallegro is a Mac application and requires OS X 10.4 or better.

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