Thinking Rock makes it easy to get things done

screenshot of Thinking Rock

Thinking Rock is a planning tool that follows the "GTD" (getting things done) methodology. Basically, the thought is that if you get all the bits and pieces down somewhere in black and white, you don't have to waste your mental bandwidth keeping track of what you have left to do. Let the tool keep track of the "stuff", and you can actually work.

By organizing your thoughts into actions, projects, information, and future possibilities, Thinking Rock makes it easier for you to review and execute the tasks you need to perform, or to delegate those tasks to other people.

Thinking Rock is small enough that you can install it on a USB thumb drive and take it with you. Since it's a Java app, it can run on both Windows and Mac systems, making it even easier to bring it along.

Thinking Rock is a Java app and will run on just about anything that supports the JRE version 1.5.0 or later, including Linux (Fedora 4 or equivalent), Mac OS X 10.4+, or Windows XP or Vista.

Download Thinking Rock

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