Less is more with Bmail

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Sometimes you want all the bells and whistles. Email clients are famous for doing everything—formatted text, images, and on and on. That's great when appearance is everything, but sometimes you need substance over form. Back in the day, email was all about text. It was easy to get your words out there, and everybody understood.

As a rule, those fancy email programs are pretty complicated beasts. They don't often provide you with an application programming interface (API), so there's really way to get them to talk to other programs. Suppose you've written several batch files to take care of some housekeeping activity in the background on your system, or more likely on some remote server you're interested in. When that script runs, you may be interested in the results—did it run? was it successful? were any errors encountered?

In the land of UNIX, you've got the mail command to send these script-created messages; Windows doesn't have that flexibility. With Bmail, you can grab output from scripts, batch files, and other programs and create and send email messages based on those results. Website down? Send an email. Backup complete? Send an email. You get the idea.

Bmail is a free command line SMTP mail sender. With a generous number of command line arguments, you can create and send the message you need, automatically. Pipes, redirection, and files can all be used in generating and sending your messages. By adding the mpack utility, you can even include MIME encoded attachments. How cool is that?

Bmail runs on most Win32 systems.

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  1. Thanks guys, this is perfect. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages but all the others I tried were total crap. Bmail is exactly what I needed!

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