The Alphabetizer puts your ducks in a row

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It's not a complicated task: arrange this list in alphabetical order. It's repetitive, it's clearly defined, it should be easy to do. Computers like to do these types of things, and there are plenty of tools that allow you to do so. Unfortunately, the time you most need this functionality may be the time when it's not available to you. Sure, you can use Word or some other high-powered tool to sort a list or lines of text, but two of the places that you may spend a good deal of your life—Notepad for Windows users, and TextEdit on your Mac—don't have any provision for this type of organizing.

The Alphabetizer is a free online service that alphabetizes your list. Enter your data, either one item per line, or choose a delimiter if you've got a list of terms with commas between them. You can choose whether or not to ignore case, so that "a" and "A" will both float to the top. If you want to, you can force your results to all lower case, or you can capitalize the initial letter. Strip HTML markup from your text so that you're not sorting a bunch of tags. Reverse the order to sort from "z" to "a". You can even number or letter your results.

The Alphabetizer is a free online service. It should be compatible with most modern web browsers, so it'll run on just about any platform.

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