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sed (Stream EDitor) is a utility that Linux and other *NIX users know all about. Not really an editor, sed is a tool for building filters and automating things dealing with text in files and commands. Reading in lines from text files or the command line, sed applies its magic to transform that text. Have a file where you need to replace all instances of "foo" with "bar"? sed is the go-to tool.

Unfortunately, the Wise Ones in Redmond didn't see fit to add this functionality to Windows. With sed for Windows, you can have the flexibility that all those really geeky guys and gals have, but without having to go out and build your own system from scratch.

The real power of sed comes in its use of regular expressions. When you do a search and replace in Word, you have to be pretty specific in terms of what you're looking for; with regular expressions, the sky's the limit. You can look for text that's there, or even text that's not there, and mold it to your will. Change a word only when it's at the beginning of the line, or the end, or when it follows three (but not four) digits—that sort of thing.

sed for Windows will run on any 32-bit version of Windows, from Win95 up through Vista.

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