Userful (Free 2-User Edition) is almost like getting a free computer

screenshot of Userful (Free 2-User Edition)

Want a free computer? Don't we all. We can't promise you that, but here's the next best thing: Userful (Free 2-User Edition).

If you've got two monitors on your machine (or can add a second one via a dual-head video card), you can treat your one box like it's two. Install Userful (Free 2-User Edition), add a USB keyboard and mouse, and it's like you've got two separate systems. Still busy on the computer, but the kids need it for homework (or online chatting)? Now you both work at the same time.

Userful (Free 2-User Edition) is a Linux app and runs on many distros that use the 2.6 kernel (check the website for the official list), and requires a Pentium III-class x86 machine running at 450MHz or better. Download the LiveCD version and give it a try on your Windows system as well.

Download Userful (Free 2-User Edition)

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