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Ever try to find a specific file on your system? Sure, there are a few that you know where to look for, but as hard drives get bigger and bigger, there's more places for them to hide.

You learned a long time ago that its easier to let Windows Explorer search for files instead of your trying to find them manually, but with any decent sized system, it can still take a fair amount of time to have the system look for you.

Index Your Files takes a different approach to this whole process. Rather than just starting from scratch for each new search, it actually indexes your hard drive. That means that when you need a particular file or document, all that Index Your Files needs to do is to look in its index, rather than spending several minutes thrashing around on your hard drive. It can index your files while you go about your business, updating that index regularly to take into account new or changed files. The resulting index is kept to a reasonable size, so that it doesn't speed up your searches at the cost of making everything else on your system run that much slower.

Index Your Files is small itself, so it doesn't take up a huge amount of space. There's only one executable file, so you don't clutter up your system with a bunch of DLLs and other overhead. It doesn't touch the Registry, and can even run on a CD-ROM or USB thumb drive so that you can take it with you.

Index Your Files runs on any modern Windows system, from lowly Win95 up to the latest version of Vista.

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