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Why is my system running so slowly? I'm just sitting here with my hands folded neatly in my lap, but there are lights flashing and hard drive sounds on my machine, and everything seems to take forever. I'm not doing anything, but the computer seems to be running a marathon.

Or maybe it takes five minutes to boot up in the morning. All you want to do is check email, but it seems like you should have packed a lunch before you started.

ProcessScanner can help you figure out just what your system is up to. Even when you're not explicitly running programs, your system is doing a bunch of stuff "behind the scenes." If you could figure out what that all is, maybe you would find that there were a few applications or processes that really don't need to be happening. It will tell you which processes are running on your system, and maybe more importantly, it'll tell you which applications own those processes. Now you can see what your system is doing "behind the scenes," and armed with that information, take action to throttle back on all that stuff. Sure, it seemed like a good idea to load all those fonts when you were doing that big publishing project, but right now, it's just consuming bandwidth and clock cycles. You get the idea.

ProcessScanner is a Windows application.

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