Your image is as pretty as a picture with FotoSketcher

screenshot of FotoSketcher

Back when you were a kid, the measure of how great a piece of art was was how closely it resembled a photograph. You drew that? It looks exactly like a picture! With FotoSketcher, it is a picture.

FotoSketcher takes your image file and transforms it, giving it the appearance of a drawing. Whether black and white or color, your picture will look like a hand drawing. Controls allow you to vary the intensity of the colors of the resulting image, as well as defining the appearance of the edges. Add paper texture to show your drawing on what looks like handmade paper.

Sometimes a hand drawn image is more classy than a photo for greeting cards, but if you have no artistic talent (like me), you'll appreciate the results from a simple button click. And you won't get charcoal all over your hands, either.

FotoSketcher is a free download, and runs under just about any flavor of Windows.

Download FotoSketcher

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