Build a mosaic without all the pesky glue and tiles

screenshot of MacOSaiX

MacOSaiX is an interesting application that allows you to create a mosaic image. Select your original picture, and then choose the shape and number of mosaic tiles you want to create, and finally grab a source for the images you want to use, and you'll create a new piece of art based on your original. Choose hexagonal, rectangular, or even puzzle-piece shaped tiles, and use either Google images or random glyphs to create your masterpiece. You can create very low (10×10) or very high (10,000×10,000) resolution images by choosing the number of tiles to use. Needless to say, the more details and colors you have, the higher you'll need to dial up the resolution.

As with any image manipulation program, the more RAM you have available, the faster things will be accomplished here.

MacOSaiX is a Mac application and requires OS X.

Download MacOSaiX

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