Network Notepad helps you stay on top of your network configuration

screenshot of Network Notepad

Computer networks can be complicated beasts. Just keeping track of who's where can be a full time job. Often it's easier not to document changes, hoping that you'll get back to them later (you won't) or that your design will be so obvious that you won't need to document it (it isn't). You really need to keep track of what's going on here.

Network Notepad is a sketching tool that helps you draw network diagrams. Supplied with a basic set of icons, you can grab the additional images you'll need to show workstations, servers, switches, and more. You'll have your new network designed, or your current network documented, in a jiffy. Drag-and-drop lets you move items around on the screen until you get the layout just right. Add host names and IP addresses to keep track of what's where in your neck of the woods. You've also got a full set of flowchart symbols, so you can outline processes as well as topologies for your network.

Network Notepad is a Windows app and will run on most any 32-bit platform from Win95 on up.

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