View Your Mind helps you figure out what you're thinking

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If you're like me, you can't sit down to think without a legal pad in front of you. Somehow it's always easier for me to grasp a situation when I can draw a picture of it. You get your keywords out there, maybe add a few arrows to indicate relationships between nodes, that sort of thing. The hard part of this paper-based thinking, though, is that it's not so easy to change and refine your thoughts without extensive use of a pencil eraser (with the attendant holes rubbed in the paper), or of having to go through several iterations of your plan, starting from scratch each time.

View Your Mind may be the tool to use for these types of situations. Not just a drawing tool, it actually helps you to organize your thoughts and reorder them as you work through the process. Along with being able to order and arrange nodes, the note editor allows you to annotate them, so your main drawing doesn't get cluttered with the details.

View Your Mind is available for free; grab it for OS X as an image (.dmg) or Linux as an .rpm package.

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