Don't get all befuddled with Unfuddle

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Software project management is not easy. Configuration management and version control, bug tracking, communication—how do you ever find time to write code? Even dedicated project managers can have a hard time keeping on top of things for all but the most modest projects. Even if you're all over it, where are you going to find the time, let alone resources, to set up servers, implement security, and the thousand and one other things you need to really manage your project?

Unfuddle offers help. A hosted environment for software development, it offers the open source Subversion version control system, helping you to keep track of all the changes made by all your developers. In addition, you can enter, assign, and track bugs and feature requests. The Dashboard feature allows you a quick overview of your project whenever you want it.

You data's never stored in any proprietary format, so it's always available to you—no fear of its being held hostage. You're using SSL to talk to the servers, so your data is secure in transit as well. The built-in time tracking lets you keep track of your human resources. With its integrated messaging system, everybody will be on the same page, with the ability to carry on threaded discussions, upload attachments, and more.

Unfuddle is an online service and supports Firefox (1.5), Safari (2.0), and IE (6.0).

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