UTC Clock lets you know what time it really is

screenshot of UTC Clock

Whether you call it Greenwich Mean Time, Zulu time, or UTC, it's all the same: it's the time by which all other time is measured. Email time stamps, server logs, everything that happens online depends on the time, and all times are calculated relative to UTC.

While you can do the math to figure out what UTC time is at any moment, based on your local time, there are easier ways to figure it out. One of these is UTC Clock, a free downloadable tool for your Macintosh.

UTC Clock is a simple tool. Once its running, it sits at the top of your screen, immediately below the menu bar clock. Assuming your system clock shows the correct current local time, UTC Clock does the heavy lifting to figure out what the current UTC time is (do I add or subtract eight hours there?). It's a very thrifty app, using very little in terms of system resources; it doesn't even appear in the dock!

UTC Clock is a Mac app, and requires OS X 10.2 or later.

Download UTC Clock

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