RoughDraft will help you make your final revisions too

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RoughDraft is a word processor designed to help writers make it through the day. While it can function as a general purpose word processor, it's aimed specifically at the special requirements of writers.

Built-in formatting help for plays and screenplays makes it easier to focus on the creative process, rather than on the tedium of formatting pages correctly. Extensive formatting options make it easy to set things up just right.

Multiple clipboards allow you to paste chunks of text repeatedly into your piece. You can quickly create cover pages that summarize word and page counts. RoughDraft allows you to hold a hundred individual files open at once, so it's easy to jump back and forth as needed. Its spellchecking functionality allows you to add your own words, and it can highlight typos in real time. An optional add-on dictionary and thesaurus add even more power to this tool.

Documents are saved in Rich Text Format (RTF), so that they're easily opened in Word and most other word processors without losing formatting and other stylistic information. The comprehensive help system will get you up and running in no time.

RoughDraft is a Windows app and will run on just about any Win32 platform, from Windows 95 on.

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One Response to “RoughDraft will help you make your final revisions too”

  1. Hermann says:

    This is a late ‘Thank You’:

    Since I found RoughDraft through this blog I’m using it on a daily basis – for more than a year now.

    I’d describe RoughDraft as a ‘Notepad with formatting’, because it’s fast as greased lightning. And because of the extras mentioned above it’s much better than Wordpad. Spellcheck is available for many languages.

    RoughDraft handles txt-files as well as rtf-files, so I made it the default editor for both.

    Thanx-a-lot for drawing my attention to this marvellous program.

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