Pandora Recovery helps recover deleted files

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We've all done it: empty the Windows Recycle Bin, or delete that file at a command prompt. Just as you confirm that you really really want to get rid of it, you realize "oh no, I've just deleted the only copy of [name of critical file here]". You are now officially in a world of pain. Is it gone forever? Is it time for you to leave town under cover of darkness? Maybe it's just time to get that file back.

Pandora Recovery is a file recovery tool built explicitly for NTFS filesystems. While your ability to recover a deleted file tends to go down over time, you stand a real chance of being able to bring that file back from the Bit Bucket in the Sky. When files on Windows are deleted, they aren't really deleted, at least not right away. The filesystem simply treats the space where these files live as available for re-use. If these clusters on your hard drive haven't actually been reused, then there is a good chance that you will be able to get your data back.

Turn it loose on your system, and Pandora Recovery scans your drive, looking for deleted files. You'll get a list of what it finds out there, and you can decide what if any of those files you want to bring back. Curious what's in that file? You can preview before you un-delete, which can save you lots of time with many similarly-named files. For best results, you'll want to recover your files to a different drive (so you don't overwrite other files that you may want to recover). You can use another local drive, an network volume, or even a USB drive.

Pandora Recovery is a Windows tool, and since it works only with NTFS filesystems, it requires that you be running Win2k or later.

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