WiseMaps is a smart way to think

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Sometimes thinking is just too hard. When you look at any task or project, there can be so darn many considerations to keep track of: little pieces, big picture, dates and deadlines. It's a wonder you can ever get anything done.

Mind mapping is a technique where you dump all that "stuff" in your head onto a piece of paper. By grouping related thoughts and concepts, drawing arrows and boxes to show relationships and timing, eventually you can bring some sort of order to all those bits and pieces.

WiseMaps allows you to do all this paperwork on your computer. Not only does that make it easier to arrange and rearrange your thoughts as you clarify what's going on, but you can also share your mind map with others. WiseMaps uses SVG and VML to allow you to embed your mind map in web pages, either for your own review, or so that you can show others what you are really talking about.

WiseMaps is a free online service. It requires that users be using IE 6 (Windows), Firefox 1.5 (Win, Mac, Linux), or Safari ver. 3 (Windows, Mac).

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2 Responses to “WiseMaps is a smart way to think”

  1. reinkefj says:

    My concern with most websites is: “my data” — how do I get it in and out easily and quickly. Mindmapping is a great idea. But, if I invest time and effort, I need assurance that the effort isn’t wasted by having locked in a site. Or worse, disappear with a site that “goes out of business”.

  2. Paulo says:

    I understand your concern and take into account that you can export your maps in Free Mind format at any moment. With this, you are not locked to us.