XnView is like a Rosetta Stone for image files

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How many image formats do you figure there are out there? While we're all familiar with the standards—gif, jpg, tif, bmp, and so on—there are a whole lot more out there. You know the day's going to come when you need to open one of the more exotic ones, and you're not going to have the right tool do get in there. It's to handle this situation, and others, that you may want to take a look XnView.

XnView is a tool for opening and converting image files It supports over 400 formats for viewing, and 50 for export. You'll finally be able to open that OS/2 Warp bga file that's been sitting there forever.

Once you've got them open, you can tweak those images, too. Resize, crop, and rotate them. Play with brightness and contrast, do batch renaming, and more.

XnView is available as a free download for many platforms. The Windows version is available for 16- and 32-bit platforms, and there are also versions for Linux and other UNIX-like systems. The Mac OS X version is not currently available, but the publishers anticipate its return soon.

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  1. Gary Latman says:

    Excellent freebie, keep them coming!

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