MetaWrite helps the experienced coder become more productive

screenshot of MetaWrite

MetaWrite is a text editor probably best suited to folks who know their way around a page full of HTML and CSS markup. Rather than leaning on the ease-of-use of a WYSIWYG editor, MetaWrite focuses more on folks who are comfortable around a tag or two, helping them to speed through their coding tasks.

For the experienced coder, MetaWrite makes available "metatext", a shorthand for encoding markup quickly in your pages. Typing [p] at the beginning of a paragraph, for example, will result in automatic generation of appropriate beginning- and closing paragraph tags. There are many other quickie shorthand techniques like this for other block elements, and even inline markup. After getting the hang of these shortcuts, it looks like you may speed up your coding considerably.

Creation of a new site is made easy. With its wizard-like interface, MetaWrite helps you to quickly compile all the information you need to get that site up and running.

MetaWrite is a Mac application and runs under OS X.

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