Send spam into oblivion with Slopsbox

screenshot of Slopsbox

In the never-ending war against spam email, you have a new ally: Slopsbox.

Open a new online account that wants to send you a confirmation email? Need a throwaway email address? Just make one up, something like "", and you now have a real address to which mail can be sent, but it doesn't fill your inbox with junk forever more. If you need to check that email—they always want you to respond to confirm your registration, right?—you can grab it and reply.

Along with the domain, there are several other domains to choose from. Or if you're feeling particularly magnanimous, you can even offer a domain you control. Use it for disposable addresses in your own domain, but know that others may use it as well, so you may want to think twice before signing up for that.

Since there's no passwords involved, there's really no security: you don't want to use it for private or important communications, anything like that.

Slopsbox is an online service, and should be compatible with most modern web browsers.

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