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Where does all the time go? You know you've been busy, but how much time did you spend on this project or with that client? If you're billing hourly, it's vital that you keep track of who and what is getting your attention. Even if not, you need to stay on top of things to make sure you're being as productive as you can be.

PC Fare Meter is kind of like a taxi meter, but without the stinky upholstery. It keeps track of where you spend your time by watching your activities on your machine. Typing away on a Word doc? It knows how long you've been there. Working on a spreadsheet? Same deal. Basically, as long as you tap your keyboard or move your mouse every 30 seconds, or at some other customized interval, it'll keep logging where you're focusing your attention. By grabbing both the application name and the window name, you can be working on multiple projects at once, while keeping separate totals for the time spent—great for when you're jumping back and forth between projects.

PC Fare Meter is a Windows app and requires NT/Win2k. It also requires version 2 of the .NET framework.

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