Keep all your info secure with CiphSafe

screenshot of CiphSafe

There's all kinds of stuff we need to keep secure. Logins, passwords, credit card info, the list goes on and on. Here's a tool that will keep things as secure as possible.

CiphSafe is an app that lets you easily save login and password pairs, or any other information that you want to keep really, really secure. You create a document that holds all your secret stuff, give it a password, and you're done. Keep all your stuff in one document, or create multiple docs, one for home, another for work, etc. There's room in each entry for a pretty good sized note, so you don't have to worry about coming back later to find some cryptic message whose meaning is now lost to you.

CiphSafe uses a 320-bit key, so it is just about as secure as you can get. This, or course, means that you should never, ever forget your passphrase, because you're not going to get into your document without it.

CiphSafe is a Mac tool. The current release requires OS X 10.4+, but there is a down-rev version still available for users running 10.2.

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