Driver Detective makes sure that all your devices are on the same page

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Device drivers are those little bits of magical computer code that allow your system to talk to all the devices attached to it. Scanners, printers, input devices, video: if your computer can talk to them—or listen to them—there are device drivers facilitating that communication.

As systems get more complex and more and more goodies are attached, the opportunities for conflicts between different drivers, or the chances of a driver getting clobbered, increase dramatically.

With Driver Detective installed, you'll be sure that you have the latest versions of all those critical device drivers that keep your system from becoming just an expensive doorstop. Manufacturers are constantly updating their drivers, so you want to keep on top of the latest and greatest.

Driver Detective runs under Windows 2000 and later iterations of the Windows operating system. It requires version 2 of the .NET framework, and a web browser (IE, Firefox, and Opera are currently supported). While downloading this tool and running the scan are free, note that it appears that using Driver Detective to actually update your system may require registration and payment of a fee. Of course there's nothing that says you can't take the information you glean from the scan and go find those updates yourself.

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3 Responses to “Driver Detective makes sure that all your devices are on the same page”

  1. Todd says:

    This programme appears not to be free, but a trial

  2. John says:

    Not free but a trial…someone should
    check these things more closely…will

  3. loadedmodg says:

    Definately not free, and definately not a trial. In case someone else like me is out there and have to see for yourselves… now there’s 3 saying it’s a trial, and not just 2, so pass right on over this one. Thanks to the owners of the site for the rest of the material though, I’ve found some priceless apps from here… Keep up the good work!

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