TaxAct: Totally Free Federal Tax Return

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In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
— Benjamin Franklin

While taxes are a certainty, there's nothing that says you have to suffer while you're preparing them. "Adjusted gross" this, and "Line 27" that could lead you to lose your mind.

There are many different automated solutions out there to help you do your taxes, but many of them are still pretty complicated, and most of them require that you pay for the privilege of using them. TaxAct is a totally free solution that allows you to prepare, print, and e-file your Federal taxes. Whether you prepare your taxes online, or download the software (or order the free CD-ROM, shipping charge added) and run the tool locally, you are in control. Using a simple interview technique, this tool walks you step-by-step through preparing your Federal tax return. E-file helps you get your refund sooner. Accuracy is not a problem, either: they guarantee that your return will be 100% accurate, or they will pay the penalty for you.

State tax computation is also available, for an added fee. Available paid versions of the Federal return give you telephone support.

TaxAct is available as an online service, and should support most modern browsers for Linux, Mac, or Windows. The download is compatible with 32-bit Windows systems, from Win95 up through Vista.

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