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Way back when, you used to leave a "visiting card" with the servant of somebody you wanted to visit with, in essence announcing that you were out there standing in the street waiting for an invitation to enter. You don't see those too much any more. In the real world, they have more or less been replaced by business cards, serving as a reminder of somebody you've just met with. There really aren't any business cards on the Internet, but the need to introduce yourself and remind folks who you are is still just as real.

Hyplet lets you build a "hyplet", a little ID card or business card, suitable for placing on a web page or attaching to an email as a signature. With a bunch of templates to choose from, you can add your name, contact info, web page, and other pertinent information to get people to where you are. Personalize it with a photo, or add an avatar to present your alter ego to the world.

Hyplets can be used as "flyers" also. Need a quickie image to publicize your blog or announce you next big event? Build a hyplet with time and date; add contact info and you're good to go.

Hyplet is an online service. It should be compatible with most systems with a modern browser.

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