CreaToon turns your doodles into animated movies

screenshot of CreaToon

Ranging from simple flip books, through big deal mid-century Disney features, and on to the latest creation from Pixar, animation runs the gamut in terms of creativity and technology. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at animation but were intimidated by the prospect of the tedium involved in photographing drawings one frame at a time, maybe you should give CreaToon a look.

With a low cost of entry—free, that is—CreaToon allows you try your hand at simple and even not-so-simple animations. With several tutorials, you can quickly learn how to use the tools here, and then let your creativity take over as you become the next big thing in the entertainment biz.

Not a soup-to-nuts animation solution, CreaToon has some rudimentary image editing ability, but for the most part it assumes that you are creating your content elsewhere—a paint program, scanning images in, etc.—and then using CreaToon to bring them to life.

CreaToon is a Windows application. It will run on most Win32 platforms.

Download CreaToon

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