ChatStat lets your visitors know you're available

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Do you run a website? Do your customers need to communicate with you? Is email too slow for your needs? How about adding Live Chat to your site?

ChatStat lets you chat with your visitors—soon to be your customers—in real time as they work through your website. Not only can yo chat with visitors through your site, but since it supports the major IM clients (AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, and Skype), you can chat with virtually anybody. This free version supports two operator seats, so you don't have to be tied to your desk all the time.

For the ultimate in security, ChatStat supports 128-bit encryption. This means not only are all your sessions private, but you can put chat buttons on secure pages without getting the dreaded "there are secure and non-secure items on this page" message.

ChatStat is a Windows application and requires that you be running Windows 2000 or later. You must also have the .NET 2.0 Framework.

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  1. Ben says:

    If you are looking for a livehelp solution for MAC/OSX or something you can use with your existing IM client, you might want to check out, it’s another FREE program, with many of the same benefits of chatstat.

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