Clone your Windows partition easily with Winclone

screenshot of Winclone

Do you like to cover your bets? Play both sides of the street? Use Boot Camp to run Windows on your Mac? Here's a tool that you can use to clone that Windows partition.

Setting up a new machine, it's easy to copy your XP or Vista partition and install it on that system, either on a separate drive, or on your OS X boot drive. That makes it easy to deploy a whole network full of Boot Camp-enabled machines.

With a simple UI, you won't have to work all day to figure out how to run Winclone. You can create your clone while booted from the boot drive, so you don't have to boot from secondary volumes or FireWire devices.

Everything runs fast, too. They claim that you can restore a 10GB drive in as little as ten minutes.

Winclone is a free download. It's a Mac app and requires Boot Camp.

Download Winclone

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