Image Analyzer lets you see it and then fix it

screenshot of Image Analyzer

With the proliferation of digital photography, there are more images out there than ever before. Unfortunately, we aren't all Annie Leibovitz, so some of our picture need a bit of cleaning-up.

Whether it's simple red eye removal, or more complicated fixes, Image Analyzer may warrant a look. Working with most popular image file formats, Image Analyzer makes cleaning up and customizing your pictures a snap.
It's easy to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation in your images. You can resize, rotate, and crop your pictures. While it's easy to blur a picture, Image Analyzer has tools to actually help to correct an out-of-focus photo.

Many plugins are also available to extend Image Analyzer's functionality even further.

Image Analyzer is a free download, It's a Windows application, and runs on anything Win98 or newer.

Download Image Analyzer

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